IMAGINE MOZART MOZART PICTURES - May 15, 2021 until July 11, 2021

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Getting a picture of Mozart? A difficult undertaking. Images of Mozart are always an interpretation: idealizing the older ones, interpreting the younger ones. Every era has created its own image of Mozart, and the Viennese classic still offers room for interpretation, becomes a projection surface, a decal, an imagination. What image do we have in mind when we imagine Mozart?

Rooted in 1921, the Mozartfest Würzburg is one of the oldest music festivals in the world. On the occasion of its 100th anniversary, an exhibition under the motto IMAGINE MOZART | MOZART BILDER will show the transformations in the history of Mozart's influence and his music from the perspective of the visual arts. For over 250 years, Mozart's personality and music have fascinated visual artists - the exhibition unfolds the entire panorama. High-ranking works of art by Klee, Slevogt, Schwind, Kokoschka, Delacroix, Richter and others are presented by the Museum im Kulturspeicher in Würzburg.

The overture forms an arrangement in which the aura of the original speaks for itself. Original manuscripts of Mozart's works are shown as well as, as a reference to Würzburg, the letter in which Mozart reports to his wife in 1790 on his visit to the "beautiful, splendid" city of Würzburg. In three chapters, the rest of the exhibition traces the question of how the relationship of visual artists to Mozart and his music changed several times.

In the beginning, there is the fascination that emanated from the person of the composer. What did Mozart look like? Does the famous portrait by Joseph Lange, the composer's brother-in-law who was born in Würzburg, give us an answer to this question? Or are our ideas primarily determined by Mozart's posthumous fame, as reflected in monuments, for example? In addition to the best-known ones in Salzburg and Vienna, there is now a worldwide "culture of remembrance" that honors the composer with statues and fountains.
Mozart's life provides the material from which novels and films are made - and genre pictures that stage the child prodigy as well as the dying genius who composes the Requiem while still on his deathbed.

The exhibition places a special emphasis on the encounter with the creative energies that were and are released by the examination of Mozart. Outstanding works of art and an astonishing range of styles and techniques concretize a fundamental change: from the depiction of certain opera scenes and figures since the early 19th century to the reflection of Mozart's compositional principles in the 20th century, indeed, up to our present day.

The exhibition leads to an opening of the visual arts to the stage arts. Costumes and stage designs form their own imaginations. A broad field, which is why the exhibition focuses on productions of the Magic Flute. But it does not focus on the development of stage arts alone, but turns to "painter-stars" who often created idiosyncratic views of Mozart with their works.


Prof. Dr. Damian Dombrowski
Prof. Dr. Andrea Gottdang
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Konrad

A catalog will be published by Deutscher Kunstverlag with contributions by Damian Dombrowski, Andrea Gottdang, Ulrich Konrad, Carolin Goll, Christoph Großpietsch, Werner Telesko and Denise Wendel-Poray.

On each Saturday during the Mozartfest 2021, Damian Dombrowski and Ulrich Konrad will juxtapose exhibits from the exhibition with compositions by Wolfgang Amadé Mozart and others.

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