24! - Questions for the Concrete Art


On the 100th anniversary of the term "Concrete Art", the works of 24 young artists will be shown

- March 23 to September 22, 2024

- in cooperation with the Museum of Concrete Art (MKK) in Ingolstadt

Modern life requires new forms - the pioneers of constructive-concrete art were convinced of this 100 years ago. Among other things, the concept of "Concrete Art" served as a catalyst to underpin the independence of art and its specific view of the modern world.

For the eponym - the Dutch artist, architect and theorist Theo van Doesburg (1883-1931) - "nothing was more concrete and nothing more real than a line, a color, a surface". With the eponymous manifesto of the "Art concret" group, van Doesburg did not officially introduce the term "Concrete Art" until 1930. However, he is said to have formulated it for the first time in 1924 and used it for his own works. In 2024, 100 years later, this unofficial anniversary now provides the perfect opportunity to celebrate the vitality and diversity of this style in contemporary art.

"24! - Fragen an die Konkrete Gegenwart" is a cooperation between the Museum im Kulturspeicher (MiK) in Würzburg and the Museum für Konkrete Kunst (MKK) in Ingolstadt. Both museums house large, important collections of works of constructivist-concrete art in Europe. A total of 24 selected artists will be shown - twelve at the MiK and twelve at the MKK.

Fabian Gatermann, Mood Poem, 2018 Copyright Fabian Gatermann; Foto Olga Niekrasova

They were born in the 1980s and are associated with this art movement in a narrower or broader sense. As part of "24!", the artists will examine the continued impact of the idea of the "concrete": Have the beginnings of "Art concret" influenced their own artistic work? Are the principles of concrete art, which are mostly based on exactness in design and geometric principles, still relevant? What new forms of expression are artists creating and what does this do to our perception?

The "24!" exhibition explores how the diverse collective term "Concrete Art" can still inspire and move us. The works on display range from paintings and installations to interactive, digital sculptures (augmented reality, AR).

In Würzburg with works by: Banz & Bowinkel [D] • Nina Brauhauser [D] • Sebastian Dannenberg [D] • Fabian Gatermann [D] • Charlotte Giacobbi [F] • Erika Hock [D] • Patrizia Kränzlein [D] • Schirin Kretschmann [D] • Sali Muller [LU] • Cătălin Pîslaru [MD] • Virginia Toma [RO] • Amalia Valdés Mujica [CL].

Amaldia Valdés, Ventana hacia la noche, 2019 Copyright Amaldia Valdés; Foto Almut ElhardtIn Ingoldstadt with works by:: Carsten Beck [D] • Anna-Maria Bogner [D] • Martim Brion [PT] • Lena Ditlmann [D] • Vladiana Ghiulvessi [RO] • Dave Grossmann [D] • Toulu Hassani [IRN] • Marile Holzner [D] • Silvia Inselvini [IT] • Fiene Scharp [D] • Marco Stanke [D] • Jonas Weichsel [D]

To coincide with the start of the exhibition, the accompanying book will be published in German and English by Deutscher Kunstverlag (DKV) with a historical overview of the beginnings of "Concrete Art" and texts on the individual artists.

The exhibition is kindly sponsored by:

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